Ask a Librarian

The primary function of the library is to support the training, research and consultancy needs of the IDM faculty, together with the information needs of administrative staff and course participants.

Participants are responsible for the proper use, safety and security of all the Library materials/facilities. These include books, newspapers, borrowing cards, and library furniture. Anybody caught mishandling these may be denied access to the use of the Library.

Borrowing Priviledges
Academic Staff
5 books- 4 weeks
Administration Staff
2 books – 1 week
Administration Staff doing private study
3 books – 4weeks
2 books – 1 week
Borrowed books may be renewed once only provided that they have not been reserved by another user.

Books shall not be exchanged amongst users without the knowledge of the Library staff.

No notices shall be displayed within the Library or the Library notice board without consultation with the Library staff.
Phone: 25185743